TBazooka Bass Tubes:

6", 8" or 10" subwoofer sizes

100 watt Amps  or 250 watt Amps or Passive no Amp

we often use a 250 watt 6" or 8" behind the seat of trucks and it fires off the cab corner, we will often add the passive, non-amplified version and drop to 2ohm and really double the bass

my 52 GMC truck has the 8"/250watt inside the center console, firing off the back wall

the five-five Bel-Air has a 6"/250watt firing up through the back deck, firing off the back glass

give me a call and we'd love to help with your Bass Solution here from Wheel411.com

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Remote Bass Control Knobs are optional for the Amplified Bass Tubes

Super easy to install, we can explain quickly over the phone!

WE ARE YOUR BAZOOKA BASS TUBE DEALER!!!  I have used these tubes for our bass solution since the 90's.  These are the Subwoofer, Amp and the most effecient enclosures made all into a simple to install solution

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